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Beauty Without The Crowd.

These amazing tours run at 50% of the passenger capacity to provide a relaxing and uncrowded experience for all guests. Maui and Lanai are best enjoyed in a calm and peaceful setting. 

The Molokini Snorkeling Tours, Molokini Scuba, and Molokini Backwall Scuba, and Lanai Scuba Dives run with only 20 guests on a boat that is able to carry 50 passengers. Our Lanai Snorkeling Tours, Afternoon Maui Snorkeling Tours, Sunset Cruises, and Whale Watch Tours run with 35 passengers. All tours include whale watching between the months of December and April!


Maui Snorkeling & Scuba offers the premier semi-private snorkeling, scuba diving, whale watching, and sunset cruises aboard the Maui Diamond. The Maui Diamond has served thousands of guests over several decades, and we take tremendous pride in the ability to host semi-private tours at "public" tour prices! The small passenger counts allow for impeccable attention to detail and outrageous customer service. And, as one of the newest boats in Ma'alaea Harbor with a veteran captain and crew, you'll be in great hands! The lineup of excursions includes snorkeling tours to Lanai and Maui, scuba diving tours in Maui and to Lanai, and whale watching and sunset tours throughout the region.

The Boat
A 46' Newton
Dive Boat

Maui Diamond boat
The Company

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maui diamond team.jpeg

The Crew

Veteran Captain & Crew

The crew of seasoned professionals and dedicated captains who are committed to ensuring your safety, enjoyment, and marine education. With passion for the ocean, they make every trip memorable and engaging.

Maui Waterline_edited.jpg

The History

Owner & Operator

The Maui Diamond has hosted over 5,000 Maui snorkeling tours, scuba dives, whale watches, and sunset cruises between Maui and Lanai over the last 10 years. You'll not find a better business anywhere on the island of Maui.

maui snorkeling yellowfish

The Commitment

Dedicated to Hawai'i

With a mission to create unforgettable ocean experiences, the goal is to blend adventure with environmental stewardship to ensure every guest enjoys the beauty of Hawaii's marine life responsibly.

Island of Maui Hawaii

#1 SCUBA on Maui!

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