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  • Do I need snorkeling experience?
    Absolutely not! The tours are perfect for people of all ages and abilities. In fact, nearly 75% of customers have never snorkeled before their vacation to Maui.
  • Do I need scuba or snorkeling gear?
    Nope. We provide everything that you need for all of the tours. Just bring a towel and you're all set!
  • Are there any additional costs to the tours?
    No. Once you purchase your tickets, you won't be charged for anything else unless you choose to upgrade your gear or purchase merchandise.
  • Do I need experience to SCUBA?
    Yes. All SCUBA dive tours are for certified divers only.
  • Are there tours to Lanai?
    Yes. Lanai SCUBA and snorkeling tours head to Lanai a few times each month.
  • Is food and drink provided on the dive tours?
    Yes. We provide a minimum of a snack and soft drinks on all dive tours.
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